Kaiju Collective

Applying quantitative methods and machine learning to trade, investment, and industry

The markets of New Eden are driven by greed, impulse, and emotion.

Traders and industrialists single-mindedly pursue profit, ignoring the guidance of theory and technology.

Inefficiency and uncertainty are rampant.

New Eden is ripe for a disciplined approach.


With a wealth of experience in quantitative analysis, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and high-performance computing, we have built New Eden's most sophisticated data-collection and analysis platform, Arx.

Arx ingests and aggregates data from public market feeds along with a number of proprietary signals. Machine learning, search, and optimization algorithms turn that wealth of data into deep, actionable insight, allowing us to pursue a variety of strategies:

  • Discovery of risk, time, and profit optimized trade routes across single and multiple systems, often with buys and sells at intermediate locations
  • Finding and exploiting arbitrage opportunities
  • Identifying and trading in anticipation of daily, weekly, and long term market trends, including systemic asset mispricing
  • Locating mispriced goods which can be reprocessed into raw materials and sold for a profit
  • Selling strategic information in the form of market participant behavior and sentiment to those who wish to stay ahead of their competition

The Fund

We are pleased to present our first public offering, an opportunity to grow with us as we expand.

The terms are simple:

  • Deposits earn interest of 1% per day, compounded continuously
  • Refer capsuleers and earn an ongoing bonus equal to 20% of any interest they earn
  • Withdraw at any time with the push of a button. Withdrawals are processed by hand, but executed as quickly as possible
  • No registration or signup necessary, authentication is via SSO
  • Invest by transferring ISK to the Kaiju Collective corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is interest calculated?

Interest accrues at a rate of 1% per day, compounded continuously.

How are referral bonuses calculated?

You earn a referral bonus equal to 20% of interest earned by your referees.

Bonuses are paid every 24 hours at 04:15 EVE time.

As an example, if you have referred capsuleers who earned a total of 50 million ISK in interest since the last bonus payment, your next bonus payment will be 10 million ISK.

How can I refer other capsuleers?

Give them your referral link, available on your account page.

How can I make a deposit?

Transfer ISK to the "Kaiju Collective" corporation.

When will deposits appear in my account?

Deposits are processed automatically by polling the wallet journal API endpoint.

The endpoint has a 30 minute cache timer, and we poll on the hour and on the half hour.

Please keep in mind that this means that your account balance may take up to 30 minutes to reflect a deposit.

How can I make a withdrawal?

Enter the desired withdrawal amount on your account page and press the "Request Withdrawal" button.

There is not yet an API for sending ISK automatically, so withdrawals are processed by hand.

We endeavor to process all withdrawals within 24 hours.

Learn More

Look up our corporation: Kaiju Collective Kaiju Collective

Message our CEO: Ord Ord

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