Unix Utilities in Rust for Great Success programming

I've often been asked for suggestions for an appropriate first project in Rust, and I think that writing a version of a unix utility is a great choice, for a bunch of reasons!

I think whether you start with the book or a project like this depends on the learner.

I much prefer to jump in and struggle mightily, so I started with a project like this (what eventually became just), but I think a lot of people might prefer to start with the book, or at least parts of the book.

New Rustacean Resources programming

Delinearization programming

Programs first crawled from the murky oceans as simple lists of instructions that executed in sequence. From these humble beginnings they have since evolved an astonishing number of ways of delinearizing.

In fact, most programming paradigms simply amount to different ways to transform a linear source file into a program with nonlinear behavior.

Some examples: