The Stable is the Aesthetic
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When a dev tells you that something is weird and hard and they have to change behavior that users rely on, the correct response is somewhere between "Cool story, bro." and "Wah, wah, wah, are the bits being mean to you?". Developers serve users, not the other way around.

For this and other reasons, the ord developers recommit to the stability and predictability of inscription numbers, and will not pursue renumbering.

As someone who people in the ordinals community mysteriously pay a lot of attention to, I see myself as having two distinct roles with regards to proposals such as the great renumbering.

One is to have and propose things that I think are good ideas. This will continue, and I don't see any particular reason to self-censor. In other words, the unfettered blog posts will continue. The community needs to understand that these are proposals only, and that I have had and will continue to have wacky ideas.

The other role is as one of the people who helps make decisions about what to implement in ord, the ordinals reference implementation. Raph, as lead maintainer, has the final say, but he hasn't stopped listening to my wacky ideas, so I still have some influence. Those decisions must be made with respect to the userbase of ord and the greater ordinals community.

When I first decided to propose renumbering, I knew that it had to meet a very high bar. Changes to ord and to ordinals must be Pareto improvements, changes to the status quo that leave everyone better off, or extremely close to it. Changes cannot create winners and losers, even if the benefit to the winners might be greater than the harm to the losers.

After reading discussion on GitHub and Twitter, lurking in many a Twitter space, and discussing it with many people, it's clear that the great renumbering does not meet that very high bar, and is better off consigned to the dustbin of history.

A couple of the arguments that I personally found most persuasive:

What does this mean, practically?

Inscriptions are both a technical artifact, and an artistic technology. Technical considerations must contend on equal footing with aesthetic considerations.

Inscription numbers are here to stay.